Ericeira is considered Portugal's surfing Mecca, internationally recognized as one of the best surf spots in Europe.


Since 1985, it has been one of the venues of the ASP World Championship(WQS). Ericeira has some of the best waves in Portugal, Ribeira d'Ilhas, a right point break accessible to all levels of surfing.


Along the region there are several world class surfing spots.


S. Lourenço

Large bay that can hold the entrance of a giant swell.Soft inside wave and difficult outside wave when large. Point Break.



Ericeira's queen wave and one of the most famous in Portugal.Beware of the sea-urchin.Getting in and out of the water may be difficult when tie is low. Point Reef Break.


Crazy Left

A tubular wave on the south side of Coxos’Bay. Fast waves, hallow type and very powerful , that break over a rock bed. Best when high–tide. Point Reef Break.



This is the heaviest wave in Ericeira, comparable to Australian waves. It's very dangerous because it’s breaks in front a rock bed.Recommended only to professionals. Reef Break.


Ribeira d’Ilhas

Between 2 and 5 depending on the wave direction. Probably one of the best rights in Europe. Long right with various sections. It’s one of the most consistent summer spots, holding a 1 to 3.5 meter swell. Reef Break.



Tubular wave over very flat rock bottom (1m deep - very shallow). When it works it's magical, but can leave wounds. Reef Break.



It has tubular sections that are a little bit scary when the tide is low. Reef Break.


Pedra Branca

Very fast and potent left reef break. It has a fabulous look and hold waves from 1 to 3 meters. Not recommended at low tide. Reef Break.


Praia Norte

Between 2 and 5 depending on the wave direction. Long right reef break. Holds wave up to 3 meters. Works with mid-tide to high tide. In the centre of the village of Ericeira. Reef Break.



Hard and dangerous wave, due to the proximity to rocks. Hard drop wave, good tubes and thick lips. Long history of broken boards. It's a last resort when all waves are too big. Reef Break.


Foz do Lizandro

Between 1 and 4 depending on the waves direction. Good spot for beginners and advanced surfers. Beach Break.



Works with swells in all directions and all tides, depending only on the type of bottom which is sand. It's a small wave spot that maxes-out easily. Size goes from 0,5 meter to 1,5 meters (2 to 6 feet. Beach Break.


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